Visit Papakolea (Mahona) Beach

Paradise awaits near South Point on the big island of Hawaii

All About Papakolea Beach

Papakolea Beach, or Mahona Beach, is located in Naalehu, Hawai'i, USA on the continent of North America. Its precise coordinates are 18.9361° N, 155.6465° W. The sand on this beach is a distinct green color due to the abundance of the minerall, olivine, found in igneous rocks. It is in fact one of the remaining 4 green sand beaches in the world. It is closer to the inside of a plate but there is still tectonic activity there due to the hot spot underneath the big island of Hawai'i. Therefore, Papakolea Beach is an active coast. It is a primary coast caused by volcanic activity. Papakolea Beach was created by the eruption of a cinder cone that led to the olivine being spread onto the coastline. It has been rising relative to sea level, therefore it is an emergent coast.
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The Rocky Topography at Papakolea Beach

The shoreline is adorned with rocks at Papakolea Beach. They are often eroded by Mahona Bay's strong waves. This is highlighted by the picture above as well as by the video.

Green Sand Beach, Hawaii (Papakolea Beach)