Seven Impactfull Events

By Brent Regier


When I was baptized because I became a member of the church i had attended attended since the beginning of my life. I became baptized because felt that i was old enough to take the next step in my walk of faith. I also used it to show my church an outward expression of my inward faith.
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High School Sports

Playing high school sports has had one of the biggest impacts on my life in the most resent years. I say this because sports have taught me many different attributes that i can use in my adult life. For example sports has taught me a level of character that I would have never reached without me participating. They have also helped me build friendships that will last the rest of my life.

Breaking My Foot

My freshman year of high school i suffered a Jones Fracture otherwise known as a broken foot. I was not to thrilled not being able to play football that season because i had looked forward to it for so long. but the next year I broke it again and then the following year I did it again and was crushed not being able to play football with my closest friends. Though it was not fun to be injured three straight years for football being injured has taught me to move on and not linger on one thing.

San Antonio

Going to San Antonio during the spring of my sophomore year of high school played a big part in my walk of faith. It was only in the fall that I was baptized and became a member of my church and not i am going to a city to be with people of my own age to worship a lord we all know. While I was there I felt the closest to the Lord ever in my life.
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Drivers Lience

Turning 16 is one of the biggest times in a young boys life. Becoming of legal age to drive makes you think you have all the freedom in the world. When you get your license for the first time you must have trusting parents so that you can go out and drive around and show off to your friends your new found arability This plays a part in my life because it shows me responsible you have to be as you grow old.

First Day of School

Waking up on your first day of school you are excited and scared. Thinking of all the things that could go wrong or how amazing it could be. But most of all you wander what the new people you meet will think of you. But after you get past that you pass through many years of schooling to grow close to people that you will know for the rest of your life and learn skills to prepare you for a job.

Family Farm

Working on the family farm has taught me some valuable life lessons. Like don't spit in the wind. After many years of hauling pipe, scooping bins and setting out motors, I have learned how hard i will have to work if i want to have a successful adult life. But more then that it has shown me how to be a hands on person, that if i need something done I have the skills to do it. For example changing oil in your car, building and even raising my own food.


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