Panther Roar


"We are so often caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey, especially the goodness of the people we meet on the way. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling, Don't overlook it." - Unknown source
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  • Congrats to the Fine Arts Team for wrapping up a successful semester with successful holiday performances! And thanks to Corey for organizing a great elementary tour!

  • Kudos to Team Band and Megan and Ronnie for their first semester at RMS! Lots of great things to come!

  • Thanks to Mr. Mutscher and Ms. Troxler for being at BOTH Band performances in the last two weeks.
-Ashley Rhea

  • Kudos to the entire Ridgeview Faculty and staff. What an awesome group of people. Thanks!

-Tonne Williamson

  • Thank you to Coach Walker, Sarah, and Baby Trey for coming out on Saturday to watch our 8th Grade Girls A Team win some hardware at the tournament.

  • Thank you to Mr. Westbrook for coming to our girls basketball tournament and our away games. We love the support!
-Jodi Choate

  • I want to give major kudos to all teachers and staff! One semester down! :) May everyone have a restful break :)
-Michelle Salazar

  • KUDOS- To Mrs. Fallowfield and Mr. Cross for being real team players and allowing my Study Skills classes to utilize their classrooms this semester. I know it is not the most easiest thing to do. Both the students and I appreciate it very much. PANTHER PRIDE!
-Mark Cornejo

  • I would like to shout out Mr. Tony who is one of the best one on one paraprofessionals. He spends his whole day with one student, and goes above and beyond his job on a daily; from writing for his student to tutoring to helping him with his occupational therapy. Mr. Tony is an asset to our school and all of our students.


  • Kudos to Jennifer Morgan for being a great listener and for offering to take my Advisory students so I could work with the students failing Language Arts!
-Jennifer Ratica

  • I want to thank Mr. Stark, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Ratica, Mr. Sralla, Mr. So, Mr. Tong, Mr. Garrison, Mrs. Stillwell, Ms. Nunnally and Mrs. Howard for sharing kleenex with me (and anyone I may have missed, I had a student of mine take some from another student and I never found out who it was)! This campus is awesome and I really appreciate all of you. :) Thanks for making RMS the best!!! Happy holidays to everyone!

-Jennifer Ricks

  • Thank you, Mr. Loftis, for giving up the last ten minutes of your planning period to cover my 7th period class- twice!

  • Thank you, Katie Howard, for all of your support. You have a heart of gold.

  • Shout out to the lovely ladies of 7th ELA. You guys are the best group to work with! It's in the drive.
-Gina Burgdorf

  • Thank you to all the staff who contributed to the Holiday Gift for our Custodians. You all are very generous and kind.

  • Thank you to all the advisory teachers who encouraged their students to participate in the Stuff the Stocking Service Project. Even though Linda Kay and I were a bit overwhelmed with all the donations, we are extremely proud of how our students showed CARE this holiday season.
-Leticia Sihala

  • Mr. Westbrooks, you are a great addition to our school. It is always nice to see you first thing in the morning as you greet all students, teachers, and guests. You set the example of what it means to be professional and respectful, while welcoming everyone to our campus. Thank you!

-Siri Ralph

  • I'd like to thank each member of the Ridgeview faculty and staff for a wonderful first semester! May each of you have a joyous and restful holiday with family and friends. God bless you all.

-Maryadele Troxler

  • Thank you to all staff for all the hard work this semester! Thank you to all that were in attendance at the recitals, performances, and games. Thank you to those that are club sponsors, running fundraisers, and working on community service projects and volunteer events.
-Marisa Ramirez

  • Thank you all for everything you do for our students. May you all have a wonderful and restful break. Happy Holidays!
-Lesley Roberts

  • I just want to thank the faculty for everything that you do. I think we have had a great first semester. We worked hard and I think that the hard work will reap benefits. I appreciate those of you that are going the extra mile to get out of your comfort zone. I also appreciate those of you that that have embraced what it means to be "kidcentric" making decisions on what is good for students, not necessarily what is easiest for adults. I look forward to the Spring semester and hope you recharge your batteries and are able to relax and come back ready for the challenges that Spring always brings.

I want to thank all the adults that were at fine art and sporting events the last three weeks:

Katie Howard, David Scott, Chris So, Wayne Westbrooks, Snr Mac, Patrice Barlow, Kristin Fallowfield, Laura Rice, Paul Garrison, Joanne Johnson, Craig Griffin, and I am sure there are more that I am forgetting, but I don't keep lists (that's a good thing!)

-Travis Mutscher

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Friday 12/19/14- 01/5/15 - No School- Winter Break

Monday 1/05/15 - Make-up testing for any student that missed before the break @ 8:00am

Tuesday 01/06/15- Classes Resume