Tiffanie Soule

my personality

My color

My personality color was brown it means that i am a go getter. It means that i am pushy, demanding, and a all around strong willed person.
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my personality animal

my personality animal is a wolf because, i am strong willed, independent, and self confident.

My strengths

my personality strengths are that i am sensitive to others, finds creative solutions, makes friend cautiously, faithful and devoted, and finally i also have deep concern for other people.

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my influeance

My positive character traits include honest behavior so i will be honest, and i can easily be trusted. My personality is a go getter so i will be influencing the group to do so and just get it done. I work better by my self so i wont be one of those partners that doesn't do anything i will be helping out often.I am a responsible person and i have confidence that i will follow threw.

careers/ hobbies

my personality test results said that my careers are law in enforcement, medical fields, solider, trial lawyer, and doing out door activities. i currently am interested in to nursing.

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