Staff Memo

Friday, August 16, 2019

Thanks for the HARD WORK this week!

Looking at things now and comparing them to how they were on Monday, we have made miraculous strides! The classrooms look fabulous, clean and inviting. I appreciate how each of you worked hard in your own areas and also many of you reached out to help others as well. We are a team and that is how we must function each and every day. When others struggle, we will all step up to help.

Sorry for the network outage today, but things like that will happen. If you have email and googledocs on your phone, it really helps in such a situation.

A few things for you to know:

Due to the problem that Dylan brough to our attention, there definitely will be schedule changes. We will deal with that next week as there are no specials on Monday and Tuesday. It is possible that chapel for PK-2nd will be moved to Tuesday but don't do anything yet. We have to make the change that will result in the least amount of subsequent changes. Stay tuned.

Other than those that park in the back and you know who you are, please park in the front row closest to the school or the two side areas by the dumpster and by the church. Leave the back areas for parents. I will open the back PE court for parking on the first few days of school.

We will meet in the church at 7:30AM on Monday for devotions, so that you can get to your rooms early. After Monday, we will meet at 7:45. PK thru 1st grade teachers you need to go immediately after devotions to get your kids from the cafeteria. The others will be dismissed one grade at a time. Those of you who do not have to pick up kids from the cafeteria should be in your rooms by 7:50 on the first day because we certainly will have early people.

I do expect to see every teacher at the door greeting students every day, not just the first couple of days of school. This includes the kids that you pick up from breakfast. After you go back to your room, open the door and greet them as they go in.

We will have flags at 9AM and then go right into chapel on Monday. For those of you who are new, we have a morning flag ceremony every day weather permitting. Just show up in the middle courtyard at the right time and the kids know where to go and what to do. We will go into chapel in grade order with the younger student first, so please stand outside in the courtyard with your students quietly. Follow directions regarding seating in the church. We will figure out permanent seating later. 2nd grade, I do not think you will need your chairs on Monday for chapel as I doubt we will have many parents staying.

Regular, professional dress on Monday, Black/dark bottoms and new purple shirts on Tuesday.

The most important advice that I can give to you at this point is to establish those routines right away, model them and practice until they are perfectly understood, and then model and practice them some more.

We will set the tone for the year over the first two weeks. The tone we want to set is one of a disciplined, orderly program that is based relationships and positivity. This is especially true of middle school.

Your Bitmojis are so very cute and I encourage you to use them. Also, please set up your email signatures next week. If you do not know how to do this, please just ask. Your signature should state your name and position, use our school logo and include our Mission Statement.

"Our Mission is to empower students to reach their full potential, walk in faith and serve others".

If you are missing materials, put them on the googledoc please.

I will be sending a newsletter to parents. I will include info on the food drive as offering so things may come to school.

If you did not sign the banner in the auditorium, please do. Any student who did not sign the banner should sign it next week. Please ask your class.

Important Dates to Know

First Day of School:

Monday, August 19th School begins at 8:00AM

Early Release:

Monday, August 19th and Tuesday, August 20th

PK, K4 and K5 11:30AM 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 11:45AM 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Noon

Teacher/Staff Installation Service Sunday, August 25.

All full time staff are required to attend. All part-time staff are welcomed and encouraged to attend. 10:15AM. Church.