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Welcome Stars!!

Hello Stars!

Welcome to my S’mores lesson page with art lessons and fun activities you can do at home. You will learn about a theme and create as many artworks as you wish!

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A portrait is an artwork that shows a person. A portrait would be like a biography in reading... It's about a person! Below are some famous portraits made by great artists. A Self- Portrait is when an artist paints themselves. This would be like an auto-biography in reading! You will see that there are many types and styles of portraits and they can be made from many different mediums.

Some portraits look just like the person they portray. This is called realistic. But, some portraits may not look much like a person at all! Each artist has their own style. Portraits can be 2-dimensional - photographs, paintings, prints, collage, mosaic, or 3-dimensional as in carvings, sculpture, reliefs, and assemblages.

Read about and think about how the portraits below are similar and how they are different. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Famous Portraits

Artist Focus - Chuck Close

Chuck Close is a famous American portrait artist. He first became famous for his very large photo-realistic portraits. His life suddenly changed when he suffered a spinal aneurysm, or blood clot, in is spinal cord. This made him paralyzed where he could not move any part of his body below his neck. He slowly regained some use of his hands and had to develop a new way to create his portraits -including using fingerprints and abstract grids. Even before this event, his life wasn't always easy. Please watch the video below to see how his disabilities have affected his life and art.

Your Turn to Draw a Portrait!

All artwork can be drawn using any drawing utensil- pencil, crayon, marker - but a pencil is best to use first if you can.

Draw Large!!! Fill the space of your page, no matter the size.

Remember to DRAW LIGHTLY so you can erase if needed!!!

If you want to add color, use any medium you have at home- crayon, marker, paint, etc.

**Please use good craftsmanship when coloring! Color solidly and carefully.**

This week we are making REALISTIC portraits.

Don't forget to send a picture of your artwork to Mrs. Fortune at

And most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Portrait Lessons- Realistic

No-Tech: * Use a mirror and draw a self portrait. Look carefully at each feature on your face to make it look as much like you as possible.

*Draw someone in your family! Have a family member sit for you or use a picture of

a family member to look at as you draw.

Draw Along- print or follow one of the draw along lessons to help you learn how to draw a realistic face. There are also reference pages for drawing features and hair to make it look more like the person you are drawing.

Video Draw Alongs- further below

What's wrong with my face?

The biggest mistake students make when drawing faces is proportion, or where you place things and their size. The biggest mistake is where to place the eyes!. The following step-by-step pages will help you improve your portrait drawing skills by using space and learning facial proportion.
Big picture
Big picture

More help....

Videos Lessons and More

Below, you will find several types of videos.

There are draw-along videos you can use to create a portrait. Some of them go quickly. You may pause them as you need so you have time to draw.

There is an Artist video where you can learn about the NYC Subway public art project featuring mosaic portraits by Chuck Close. And lastly, watch an amazing street artist in action drawing a portrait of two sisters in Paris.

And lastly, click a link and view the Official Presidential Portraits of every US President!

How to Draw a Face for Kids
How To Draw A Self Portrait: For Kids!
How to Draw Facial Proportions

Watch this street artist create a portrait!

Place du Tertre | Paris Portrait

NYC Subway-MTA Public Art - Chuck Close Mosaic Portraits

RealClearLife Exclusive: Artist Chuck Close Gives Tour of His Work in NYC Subway
Click- National Portrait Gallery Presidential Portraits

See the Official Portraits of all the Presidents of the United States of America

Past Lessons

Did you miss a lesson? Want to learn more? Click below for past lessons.....

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I love and miss you all.

Don't forget to send a picture of your creations. I can't wait to see what you're making!