Freedom, $1 at a time!

Why choose a mixed economy?

The benefits of this economic system is the freedom that people can have. This economy can reduce the the amount of government regulation in places where they're not needed, and replace them in places where the market is a failure. This economy is the perfect balance of restrictions and freedom.

The Facts:

Mixed economies allow many more freedoms than command economies, such as the freedom to possess the means of production. They have the freedom to participate in managerial decisions (buy, sell, fire, and hire as needed) and for employees to organize and protest peacefully. Consumers also have a CHOICE to what they want to buy. The Government also fill in holes that most companies won't cover, such as building libraries, schools, roads, hospitals, banks, etc. The government also controls things that can help society as whole, such as Import and Export control, environmental control, labor laws, etc.

Mixed Economy, the (Regulated) Freedom Economy. <3

Economics & Government : What Is a Mixed Economy?


In reality, one of the disadvantages in this Economy type is that it tends to lean more toward the government more than the people, but it isn't that noticeable anyway, we've still got alot of freedom.

Another negative is that the government decides the amount of tax on products, which leads to people complaining about high taxes and their unwillingness to pay them. Moreover, lack of price control management can cause shortages in goods and can result in a recession. But that's alright, if they don't have the money to pay the taxes, they probably weren't fit to be in business.

So, in conclusion...

Having a mixed economy is probably the right way to have an economy because of how successful it is.

It works, and it works well.