Solar System Fact Mobile

Directions and Photo Examples

What is a mobile?

A MOBILE is an art project, where items are suspended with string or wire to hang in mid-air. The common place to see a mobile in your home is above a baby's crib or wind chime hanging in your backyard.

How to use thIs site:

1. Follow the steps to make your mobile.

2. Blue headers are links to printable pages or websites.

3. If you get confused and can't find a classmate to help, post your question for me in Schoology. I will answer it there or come find you to help.


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Step One: Color the picture of the planets

You can color the worksheet provided (here and printed in the classroom) or make your own pictures.

This is science. Make your pictures look as real as possible. Photos are available in your science textbook and online.

Step Two: Planet Picture Cards

Cut out colored planets (without name) and glue to the center of a small black rectangle. The rectangle needs to be 2 in. x 3 in.

Each planet should be glued to its own card.


Get a copy of the planet fact and name cards in the classroom or print from here.

1. Cut out all the rectangles with facts and planet names.

2. Glue each rectangle to a small black rectangle (2 in. x 3 in.) Each fact or name should be glued to its own black rectangle.

2. Go the Planet Fact Slide Show. Read and compare to match fact cards to the correct planet name.

Step Four: Connect cards with string

Line up the cards for each planet in this order:

Planet Name

Drawn picture of planet

Planet Fact Card

Planet Facts about Rotation and Orbit

Distribute evenly with even spaces between each card.

Tape to string, then set aside to connect planet cards.

Step Five: Prepare mobile hanger.

Stretch a wire hanger into a circle. Bend the hanger upwards.

Tie string across the diameter in two directions to form a plus sign in the middle.

Use masking tape to secure where the string connects to the hanger.

Trim any extra string.

Hang the sun where the handle is bent upwards.

Hang the planet cards according to their distance from the sun.

Forgot the planet order, return to
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Hang your finished project on a cabinet handle in the back. I will move them out to the hallway periodically.