All About Me

I was born here in Utah, I've lived in multiple cities in the valley and now I'm currently living in Cottonwood Heights. I have four brothers, two older and two younger, I also have two nieces and one nephew. I have a really big family with a lot of relatives, some I've never even met before.

I love art, its my absolute favorite thing to do, especially during my free time. I'm so interested in it, that I convinced my mom and dad into letting me get two tattoos and plan to get more once I turn 18. My favorites methods are drawing/painting, photography, and graphic design. I'm going to be the first person in my family to graduate High School and I hope to attend Utah State University to major in Visual Communications to become a Graphic Designer.Aside from art,

I used to work at a daycare, but now I currently just started my new job. Aside from Art, I also enjoy using my free time to spend with my best friends Jade and Mikaela.