Wellington, New Zealand

Why I Would Choose To Live Here

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In Wellington, the weather is pretty decent. It's not too cold or too hot. Around the year, weather varies from around 7-24 degrees Celsius. Which in my mind would have to be the perfect weather!


New Zealand's education ranks world-class. It's system internationally, ranks top quality reputation. Since Wellington is the country's capital city, it's also home to many of the best constitutions in the country. Victoria University is the main university there. It offers many courses in all sorts of categories. It is Wellington's biggest university and one of the best internationally. Massey University is another. New Zealand takes its education seriously and is always ready to welcome bright students from other countries. Wellington, New Zealand is a place that many students visit for education and degrees from there.
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Cost of Living

The currency of New Zealand dollars to Canadian dollars isn't much of a difference. One Canadian dollar equals to $1.09 in New Zealand currency.

-The average monthly salary after taxes comes to about $3000.

- Mortgage interest rate is 6.3%.

- For an apartment, the price per square meter comes to around $2991.67 - $4352.19. It just depends where the aparment is located (the area surrounding has a lot to do with the cost).

- Free dental care for teens aged 13-18 years.

*For average cost of groceries and clothing, see chart below for reference.


Wellington, New Zealand has many jobs to offer. It's really easy to find a job since there are so many different options. The New Zealand unemployment rate is as low as 5.7%. The minimum wage is $13.75 NZ or $550 a week.
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Wellington has one of the best public transport systems.One of the most popularly used transportation is the Wellington Cable Car! It's known as Wellington's moving attraction. Although, in Wellington, almost everything is nearby, so for most citizens, walking is a main source. This city offers free ambulance services as well!

See image below for transportation fees.

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Even though Wellington is the capital, it's actually a very peaceful and calm place to live. Wellington is one of the safest places to live, especially in New Zealand!

Crime Rates come up to 31% in Wellington meaning safety there is 69%.

Other Important Things You Need To Know

Being a city near the ocean, it is surrounded by a sparkling harbor and is home to many beautiful beaches.Some of these beaches include:

*Oriental Bay

*Scorching Bay

*Island Bay

*Shelly Bay and many more!

People there love to surf, scuba dive, or just enjoy the beautiful rush of the ocean!

The population there, since the last 2 years has come to 393 600 people.

Wellington has a lot of hills which provide excellent views for sight seeing!

New Zealand's government follows a monarchy.

There's also a wide range of restaurant and food branches all across Wellington!