Money saver tips

Zachary Montoya

We all struggle with money and when and when not to swipe the plastic

The question is not what is the biggest deal out there its what is the "catch" behind the deal do and do i have the right mind behind my budget? Don't be the percent of people who don't know there in debt we wanna be the people who can use credit but know exactly what there buying and when it comes to payments what can help to keep use in the green and not begging for it.

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Tips and tricks to know if you can afford that monthly payment or that new TV

Many people do not know about the 20/10 rule and not knowing this rule can put a lot of people in debt before they know they are even in debtrule means it is okay to be 20 percent out of you yearly income in debt but only 10 percent of your monthly income in debt. being in this range is safe for credit, payments and really anything but going over can result in major problems for people

Credit cards

With every credit card there is a payment you have to pay and they tell you you can get $1000 to do whatever you want with it but remember yo have to pay a minimum payment of $25 dollars. Now this sounds amazing wouldn't you agree? but the interest is where they get you and over years and years of making theses payments on top of all they other things you already get a $25 payment can turn into a $2000 down the drain for only a $1000 to begin with. so id that $200 in rewards worth that $2000 later.
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The facts don't lie

As of early 2015, the total outstanding consumer debt in the U.S. has risen to $3.34 trillion. That figure includes car loans, credit card debt, personal loans, and student loan debt — but not mortgage debt. (That would add another $8 trillion to the pile.)

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