New frigarator

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What is the Fight for what we want reporter?

So obviously you guys have seen my report cards over the years ( never below a C). Because you guys know when I put my mined to something I don't give up till I (get my way) succeed. Know matter how manny obstacles are put in my way. Do you really wanna go up against that? Think about it! LMFAO

Old Frigarator

  • Messy
  • Old
  • Crowded

New frigarator

Since it is a French door refrigerator it has double the space of our frig now. We will have plenty of room for big items such as cakes , jellos , turkeys .ext.

New frig? What's wrong with the old one?

Our old frig / freezer has crapped out on us more then once already. It's caught on fire. That is so not safe. What if mom didn't wake up and realize it was on fire? We would probably not be here right now! Also it stopped working for no reason so we had to get ride of lots of food. Wast of money. Not good. Why wait till something worse happens? Really think about it.


With the French door frig you will have double the room to put our cute baby pictures. How wonderful...

Kylie Nimer

The Fight for what we want reporter