Analyzing Abstract Concepts

Aubrielle Angell, Chelsea Leary, and Erin Wilhelm


Denotation- Preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

Connotation- Negative connotation because it’s used in a negative way or gives a negative idea about an object and people.

Association- Racism, stereotype, sexism, biased

To us, this concept means unfairly judging an individual or a group. Prejudice is being quick to assume something about how they look or what they do. Prejudice means to us to create an a negative opinion without knowing what is real.

In To Kill a Mocking Bird there are lots of prejudices about the people in the town. Jem and Dill leaving out Scout because she is a girl offended Scout because she is prejudice and thinks all women wear dresses and drink tea and she doesn't want to be like that. There is a prejudice towards the Cunninghams because they are poor and the Ewells because they are dirty and disrespectful.

There are numerous stereotypes in our society about race, gender and status. People assume if you have a lot of money you are snobby, and if you are a dedicated athlete you are stupid. Cheerleaders are seen as dumb, slutty snobs, all Asians are seen as smart, trying hard makes you a nerd, and all gay guys are feminine. Prejudices make your color determines your rank and role in society.

This photo shows what prejudice really is... we may not even know but we use it

everyday. We judge people by how they look or the color of their skin, or even the clothes they wear. Behind the clothes, and the skin tone we are human. This photo shows how people are judged by others because of prejudice. We chose this photo because it shows how people are prejudice and have opinions of people with out any experience or personal knowledge.

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The ability to do something that frightens one and strength in the face of pain or grief.

Positive connotation because because having courage is praised.

Bravery, fighting in a war, my mother, and strength.

To us courage me trying new things and beating obstacles. It take courage to beat things you didn't think you could. Courage means that you put others before yourself, you help others achieve, and show bravery and determination.

In To Kill A Mockingbird, Jem and Scout learn to become more courageous. Jem had to have courage when he had to go apologize to Mrs. Dubose because he was afraid of her and did not want to apologize for his actions. Scout showed courage when Cecil Jacobs called her a coward and provoked her, and she didn't fight him. It takes courage for Atticus to defend Tom Robinson because he is African american and people in the town make fun of him.

In our society, many people display courage and it is honored. People stand up for and help others in tough situations. It takes courage for people to stand up for what is morally correct even if it is looked down upon in the society. Doctors display courage because they perform difficult procedures on people to save lives even though they don't always work out and they can be terrifying.

This picture shows courage in cheerleading. It takes courage to put your life in the hands of others. Stunting is very difficult and scary and it requires courage and bravery. We chose this picture because it shows courage and doing the impossible.

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An act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment.

Neutral connotation- Could be both beneficial or harmful.

Duty, responsibilities, things you are supposed to do, rules, or what you have to accomplish.

To us, obligation means an extracurricular activity or even homework that you may devote your time to, obligation also means to us maybe making sacrifices for these obligations or priorities that we may have in our lives.

In to kill a mockingbird obligation looks like people doing things that they think is morally right or spending their time on even though other people may not think the same thing. obligation is shown in several ways for example;

When aunt Alexandria thinks she need to live with Atticus and teach the finch family the right way to do things, and to live up to the Finch family name.

When Atticus defends the african american man when no one else would.

In our society this looks like people using their time for different things such as work, being active, hanging out with family, etc. people think they have to do these things so it shows a sign of a person obligations. For example, people maybe more successful because they have better obligations.

This picture shows obligations because in most peoples lives and in our society the average person feels an obligation to have a job. They feel obligated to do so, so they may support their family, have money for them to spend on their own personal needs, or just so they can help out loved ones.

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Injustice: the lack of fairness or justice. or a unjust act or occurrence.

We usually have a negative connotation with this word, because people are accused or judged unfairly and people feel like they have been wronged.

We associate racism, sexism, and discrimination.

It means a lot to us since because the fact that we are girls we are told we can't do certain things guys can do because we are girls and aren't given a chance to try. It means that people are judged and discriminated against because of their race, religion, and gender. For example, it is an injustice that cheerleaders have a designated space to practice since we aren't considered a sport.

In To Kill a Mockingbird there are lots of injustices in Maycomb. Tom Robinson's case wasn't fair all because he was black making it completely injustice to him. Also it's an injustice to Scout because she prefers to wear pants but wearing pants is looked down upon because shes a girl.

In our society girls are looked down upon because of how we choose to wear our clothes and that's injustice to us because guys don't get in trouble for how they wear their clothes. It is also a injustice towards uncommon sports because the most popular ones are more privileged. A lot of injustice towards race and religion because of history or peoples decisions with those colors or beliefs.

Its in an injustice because people are trapped because they are born a way that people don't like and so they disrespect. The bird is like a person who is getting judged for being something that is looked down upon and the cage is the people disrespecting him and he feels stuck. We choose this picture because it embodies injustice