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Martin Luther Visits Class

Unit 2 is all about the Protestant Reformation. When Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses on the church door on October 31st, 1517, he starts a chain of events that changes the way people engage with God for the rest of time. Students dressed up as monks, popes, or church officials to commemorate this event in class. Student were SO creative making their costumes and no money was to be spent. Enjoy the pics!
Q. What's the Website?

A. www.duncanschs.weebly.com

Q. If my student is absent, where can he/she get the homework?

A. On the website, there is a daily homework page. All info and electronic documents are online. www.duncanschs.weebly.com/daily-homework.html

Q. If I want to follow the class twitter, what's the handle?

A. @duncaneuro

Q. My student is watching videos for class. What's going on?

A. Get information on our flipped classroom model on my website. It includes ways parents can help students if they are having trouble.

Review Apps - My Suggestion

Got a few minutes in the car and want to review for AP Euro? Try out the AP Euro Review app by StudyByApp. The developer created wonderful charts and graphs perfect for the visual learners. There is audio for the auditory learners. And the mobile experience is perfect for my haptic learners as well! The most useful portion of the app is the chapter tests with explanations for wrong answers. I love this part and use some of them on my tests. If you can, please ADD $4 TO YOUR STUDENT'S iTUNES ACCOUNT so they can review along with us!
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Upcoming Project - Sculpt Like Michelangelo

On Friday, October 16th, students are asked to bring in a bar of soap, some tooth pics, and a plastic spoon so they can sculpt like Michelangelo. It's Homecoming week and Carnival day so with 23 minute classes we're going to have a little fun while being educational. Pictures to follow on the next newsletter!

Got Tissues?

We're approaching cold season, and the SGA-donated box is now gone. If you could have your student bring in a box it would be greatly appreciated! Extra Credit cannot be given, but you would have my eternal gratitude. The students' noses would also be grateful!

A World Beyond Books - Travel with Duncan

I'm happy to share with you information on the Ireland, England, Wales, and Paris 2017 summer trip! The $200 early bird bonus is going away after Halloween, so join now to lock in your price! We'll travel around the Ring of Kerry, over to Stratford Upon Avon to see Shakespeare's birthplace, down to London, then over to Paris in this 11 day trip. Please visit www.eftours.com/1804297ZM for information and to enroll.
For the First Time in Forever - Frozen HD 1080p