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Where to find the sources of faucet clog?

A clog in your faucet makes water pressure weak and is a general bother to people. The extra hassle and burden when you puzzle about it can also be pressuring. The problem of having a clogged faucet may be from four sources.

Once it comes out, the aerator near the end of your faucet lets air infiltrate the water that passes through. Dirt can collect and block the flow of water. Clean it after removing it if this is the source of your problem.

The cartridge would be an additional burden if it clogs up. Flow of water and its temperature is taken care of by the cartridge inside the faucet. Its narrow holes may be the cause of clogged debris in your faucet. The bonnet nut and faucet handle must be removed before managing the clog. You may clean or replace a cartridge once you manage to get it out.

When the faucet in use has been around for long, a ball lever is there instead of a cartridge. Clogs can occur in its springs, and you may find it in your faucet. It would be like taking care of clogged cartridges to solve this. The ball lever can be found by getting rid of the handle screw, its cap and packaging. Taking care of the clog involves removing this.

If those have not solved your problem or you think you will not be able to handle them, give a plumber a call or you can visit here!