All About Keptme

MCCC Documenting Children's Learning and Curriculum Planning

What is Keptme?

We all know it takes a village to raise a child. KeptMe is rebuilding that village to bring people in a child’s life closer together than ever before.

Educators, parents and loved ones securely connecting from anywhere at anytime sharing a child’s milestones, recognising emerging passions and creating opportunities to excel.

Every childhood journey is unique, may a child’s past inspire their remarkable future with KeptMe.

Keptme is simplifying the workload of our educators so they can spend more time where it matters most with children and less on reporting and compliance work.

Keptme is fostering the crucial relationship between educators, parents and carers so educators can reflect on a child’s journey and make important decisions together to ensure a positive future.

Compliance is a breeze with reports generated on demand mapping directly to our centres curriculum and Government frameworks including NQF Principles and Practices, NQS tags & EYLF outcomes.

Connecting centres with parents has never been easier

How do I create an account with Keptme?

As a parent or guardian you will not be required to create an account to access your child's KeptMe profile. This will be actioned by us.

When your details have been added to your child's profile you will receive an email invitation from KeptMe. To gain access you will be required to select the 'Accept Invitation' button.

Please be advised that this link does expire within a 7 day period. If you have not clicked on the link before it has expired, please contact your child's Educators or The Educational Leader (Tara) to resend another invite.

Once you have clicked on the blue 'Accept Invitation' button you will be taken to your sign up page. Simply enter the details and click 'Submit'.

You can access your child's profile by either visiting our website,, or downloading the KeptMe app from the App Store for Apple devices. Once downloaded, log into your account with the details registered on the sign up page.

Is my child's data safe?

Developed by security experts, KeptMe was created with privacy at its core. As a result, we’ve implemented several measures to ensure the ongoing safety of your data including:

  • Data encryption to protect data at rest on our servers
  • Local data encryption on mobile devices to prevent unauthorised access where a device is stolen
  • SSL secured communications to and from our servers to protect data in transit
  • Granular role-based access controls
  • A distinct artefact ownership model
  • Network restrictions to prevent access to our servers from outside of your school
  • Membership restrictions to ensure only authorised staff within your school have access
  • Network level security protections
  • A world class data centre which complies with international information security standards including ISO27001, HIPAA, SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 and FedRAMP

We understand that the privacy space is constantly evolving and as such, we’re continuously revisiting and upgrading our systems to ensure your data is kept safe now, and into the future.

Getting Involved

What are the folders on my screen?

When you enter your KeptMe account you will notice that there are 2 layers of albums.

Layer 1 allows you to view all the documents which have been sent to you from your child's educators.

Layer 2 will display a slideshow of the images contained in the documents sent from the educators. The slideshow mode will allow you to watch the images with a default song, select your own song or have no music playing during the slideshow presentation.

I have received a notification, what do I do?

1. Receiving a notification informs you that there is something new to view in your KeptMe account. Please log into KeptMe and click on the menu button on the top right hand corner.

2. The drop menu will display if you have a new announcement, notification or both. Click on the relevant option, eg. notifications

3. Your notifications will now be listed. Simply click on the notification you wish to read in further details.

How can I comment on my child's learning story?

1. When viewing your child's album or individual stories you will notice there is a 'Comment' button on the right hand side. Click the 'Comment' button to add your own analysis and reflection.

2. Click on the text box below the 'Analysis & Reflection' title.

3. Enter any comments you wish to add and press 'Save'.

Can I send my child's learning stories to family members?

1. Simply log into your KeptMe account and select the album you wish to share

2. A preview of the album will appear. Click on the blue export button on the top right hand corner to share the album

3. You will be presented with the option to print or email the selected album. Choose the best suited option and enter the filtering information below. Once completed press the blue 'OK' button on the top right hand corner.

A New Year and a New Look for Keptme

A New Look & Feel

We’ve redesigned the KeptMe iOS and Android apps, as well as the Web platform from the ground up, making it faster and friendlier than ever before! You’ll find all of the amazing features that you’ve come to expect from KeptMe presented in a new and exciting format, improving efficiency for educators while making it even easier for parents to stay engaged!

The new KeptMe will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for an official release announcement.


If you have any technical questions regarding the use and functionality of the app please email: or see Tara.

If you have any questions regarding the learning of your child or the planning of the curriculum with the use of keptme, please see your child's team leaders or educators for an explanation.