Middle School

Catherine Gonzalez

All about middle school

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in middle school and how kids survive?

In this 3 grades it's all about drama,sports,and trying to pass your clases.

Middle school is a place to get entertain.


Middle school and drama.

Do you like drama?Then middle school is just for you!!! Every day you see a girl with red eyes and snifing when entering the classroom.You may see a mad boy with his attitude because he and his girlfriend just broke up.

Listening to the name calling,girls yelling,and people mad at each other causes fights to start.Mostare because of the girls competing for the attention of the cute boys.

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This is when people brake up!!!!

Life in sports.

Following the ball in the air,people get nervous to see wich team would win this battle.

Is the last minute and your school is about to loose and you feel like giving up but at last you decided not to do so.Then at the last second your school won.

Middle school,a place for learning as hard, but you should never give up.

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In clonclution that's all you have to know to "survive" in your middle school.

Just remember to try to stay away from problems and enjoy middle school because there is no other thing like middle school.