Les Classes de Français 2

NCVPS French 2- L'unité 4 Le Corps

Le Corps- L'unité 4

In Le Corps you will:

  1. talk about the body
  2. talk about what you do with different body parts
  3. talk about a doctor's visit
  4. talk about various illnesses
  5. learn indirect object pronouns
  6. begin to learn the preterit (past tense) verb forms
  7. learn about the Midi-Pyrenées region in France

La Grammaire:

The big grammatical concept from this unit is the introduction of one of the past tenses- Le Passé Composé!
Check out these links for some notes about how to say what you DID!

Here's a link to a verb chart: https://conjuguemos.com/chart.php?language=french&id=17&etre=yes&commands=no&source=public