John Dickinson

By Cy McCleaf

Early life

He was born on November 13 or 15 in 1732. He was the son of a Maryland tobacco farmer. As a young boy he was well eduated. When he was in his late teens he becaume intrested in the study of law.

Adult life

He was one of the delegates on the First Continental Congress in1774. He also played an important role in the Second Continental Congress. In the Revolutionary War he led a militia group that faught aginst the Red Coats.

After the war

When the war was over he helped govern many states such as Deleware and Pennsylvania. He also helped found a college called John and Marrys College. The college was renamed Dickinson College. He was sent to the Constitutional Convention in 1787. When he was there he helped form a document that became the United States Constitution.

Later life and Death

He died in his house in Deleware on 2/14/1808. What he left behind was his legacy and his college. Today he is known for his help in founding the first form of government in the USA.