By: Rylee Bukovinsky

What is Copyright?

Copyright is an exclusive right to make copies, license or use someone else's work.

Types of Copyright

There are five types of copyright. They are, public domain, freeware, shareware, all rights reserved and open source. These are the definitions of each.

  • Public Domain: Being availbe to the public or has a state of belonging.
  • Freeware: Software that allows you to change it freely.
  • Shareware: Software that is allows you to share it with someone else.
  • All rights reserved: Needs a formal requirement of notice.
  • Open source: Software that can be redistributed and modified.

Examples of each type of license

Public Domain: When someone takes a picture, they can protect it so no one can use or change it.

Freeware: Adobe PDF

Shareware: Winzip

All rights reserved: Universal Copyright Convention (UCC)

Open source: Apache HTTP Server