Middle School

kara carey

Middle School

Middle school is really fun but there is a few thing we have to go over. First in the morning when you get to school you can hang out with your friends in the gym or in the cafeteria. You can also hang out on the learning stairs... wait you don't know what the leaning stairs are let me explain what there are to you. You are probably thinking of like the stairs you walk on well thats not what there are. There are these really big stair looking thing but you don't walk on them you sit on them. second you go to your lock and put in the code to get in to your locker.

Opening Your Locker

Step 1: Turn the dial to the right to the first number it says on your schedule.

Step 2: Then turn the dial to the lest pat the second number on you schedule then when you come back around to the second number.

Step 3: Last turn the dial to the last number on your schedule.

Here is a video tour of our school.

Hope you like your new school have fun.

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Joplin East Middle School