Romeo and Juliet

Analysis By: Christopher Thompson

Plot Overview

William Shakesphere's, "Romeo and Juliet," is about a tragic love story between star crossed lovers.

Rome is of the Montiques, while Romeo is of the Capulets. The Montiques and Capulets have had a long dispute between each other for generations and centuries, in Verona, Italy. Since the Montiques and Capulets hate each other, it is of course difficult for Romeo and Juliet to have a legitimate relationship with each other.

Sadly, in the end, events didn't go exactly as planned. Romeo and Juliet actually die together around the same time. However, they probably knew that they couldn't keep their love a secret forever.

I'll shall explain more in the plot later on.

Brief explanation of the play.


  • The Montiques and Capulets' fight is broken up by the Prince of Verona stating that their shall be bloodshed the next fight
  • Juliet's father announces a Masquerade Ball, that gives Romeo an idea. He planned to sneak in and crash the party, so he could see Rosalone, until he saw Juliet.
  • Romeo later on fell in love with Juliet, although Juliet was around 14/15 years old and Romeo was around early adulthood.


  • Tybalt and Mercutio started a fight to the death at the town square of Verona.
  • The fight was that serious at first, more of a battle of words and insults, which later led to a battle of blade to blade.
  • Of course Romeo saw what was happening, and took Mercutio's place, so he instead can take on Tybalt of the Capulets. Romeo finished off Tybalt when he stabbed him with his cutlass.
  • Juliet was later told of what happened to her cousin, Tybalt, who at the time felt sad of his death.


  • To make Juliet feel better, her father arranged for Juliet to get married with Paris. That didnt help at all.
  • Juliet drunk a small dose of a sleeping potion so everyone would think that she's dead, to prevent getting married with Paris.
  • Romeo later finds Juliet and think she's dead. He responds to this by killing himself. Juliet later wakes up to find that Romeo is dead. Heartbroken by the loss of her love. She kills herself as well.

Some captions that may interest you:

"Romeo and Juliet", By: William Shakespeare

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