Texas Water Shortage

One way to Slove the Texas Drought Problem

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Texas Drought Problem

Can you guess what the land in the picture used to be? It might surprise you. It was a farm that had fruits and vegetables, and a variety of farm animals. The reason why it is this condition is because of the Texas drought problem. For now most farms are still okay (due to a aquifer under Texas), but in about 20 years it will be gone!
The PowerPoint I added shows how bad the drought has already gotten. It shows how lakes are already losing water and dropping in feet.

One Cities Solution

From the article (http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=1032466&backurl=/shelf/my), we learned about how different cities from different states dealt with their drought problem, and how they will fix it as a long-term problem. Some cities replaced their golf course grass with “desert landscaping” to save water. Others have the Drought Patrol and the Water Police to keep the water usage limits enforced. Santa Fe harvested excess rain water and stored it underground aquifer.

The best idea we found in this article was the Drought Patrol, because with the Drought Patrol, they make sure people don’t go over their water limit. I also liked how some golf courses didn’t shut down; they replaced grass with desert landscaping. I thought it was weird how the Drought Patrol and the Water Police do basically the same thing, but are called different things.

Another Cities Solution

From the article ( http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/071414-708672-stop-subsidizing-water-use-in-drought-stricken-california.htm ) we learned about how California is solving there drought problem. California is solving their problem by creating a water police. The water police are a group of people that go around and watch if people are using too much water and if they are they give them a warning and then a fine. They are still trying to find a long term goal but all the fine money is going to it.

Our Proposal

Our group came up with the idea making a giant dehumidifier. The reason why is because humidity is water in a gas form. Dehumidifier's turn the gas water into solid water that can be drunk. The average price is $500. We thought if we make a giant one and ship it by Truck we would have a lot of water. The reason why we choose a dehumidifier is because Texas is normally very humid. The giant dehumidifier's area would be 1,000 square feet. it would cost about $14,000 to $15,000 dollars. The cost of the shipment is still unknown. On top of that we would have a water police witch is a group of people that watch if are using to much water. There pay would be about the same as a police man. We think that as long as Texas stay's humid this can work as a long term solution.

P.S. All cost would be paid off of taxes and fine money that happens if you use to much water.