WHOOT Team News Update

Lisa Weihbrecht, Director, Origami Owl

Important Updates

Hi Everyone! I am sending this newsletter out to everyone on my down line to provide some important updates. If you have any questions please be sure to reach up to your Mentor. If they are unavailable to help or answer your questions, continue to reach up. Our upline is as follows; Lisa Weihbrecht, WHOOT<Lynn Avara Stover, Charming Stars<Heather Hall, Rockin Lockets <Heidi Russell, Superstars (and our Direct to Corporate). Your main source for updates is your Back Office and your Mentor. Each team may have a FB group and there are other 'splinter' FB groups but sometimes the FB pages that are not monitored by a Leader may not always have the correct or accurate information. Please rely on the back office and your mentor as the best sources for information. With all of the changes taking place, I would recommend logging into your back office daily to see the latest news, updates, training, out of stock lists, and promotions.

Closing of ALL Jewelry Bars

The new system will be rolling out on November 1st. It is necessary to close ALL Jewelry Bars by 11:59 pm EST on October 31st. If you have orders attached to parties and do not close these parties out, you will lost the host hoot loot. Your website along with your back office will be down for most of the day on November 1. Please let you customers know that we are working to make some great improvements and to bear with you as these changes take place. Give yourself ample time to close out your current JBs and orders. Try not to wait until the last minute as the system will probably run very slowly with everyone trying to get their last minute orders in for the end of the month. If you are unsure about something, ask! Reach out to your mentor for help.

Pay Quicker

All Designers must be enrolled with Pay Quicker. This will be the method Origami Owl will be using beginning on November 1st to pay commissions and overrides. If you do not sign up for the Pay Quicker Debit card, you will not receive your commission. Details about Pay Quicker can be found under the Resources section of the Back Office. The first deposit via Pay Quicker will be on November 8, 2013.

Odds and Ends

1) Once the new system rolls out, you will not be charged for your O2 Bundle for the months of November or December. If you are enrolled in ProVersion, you will not be charged $9.95 for the months of November and December. I do not know what the annual or monthly fee will be starting in January as that information has not been shared with us.

2) Host shipping in the new system IS STILL FREE. Guests will pay $4.00 for all qualifying parties that are shipped to one address.

3) The release date of the bracelets and chains has not been announced. We were told it would be earlier in November and not later.

4) Today is the last day to order the retired items. You can order until the supply runs out or midnight Oct 31st EST.

End of Month

It has been one of our BEST months to date with teams breaking sales records and promotions a plenty! Please be sure to review the Career Plan to see if you are close to promoting! Give yourself plenty of time to place your orders and close out your parties! Have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Trick or Treat!! WHOOT WHOOT!!