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How to update your Class in ThinkCentral

Would you like your students to access Journeys from their iPad? To get student user names and passwords you first must update your class list. If you go to the D90 Staff site and visit the ELA page, you will find the directions to this and other ThinkCentral operations. Click here to download easy step by step directions. Annmarie would be happy to walk you through this at a team meeting!

Go Global

The 6th Annual Global Read Aloud is a great way to connect your students to other classrooms around the world by reading the same book!

Liz Fitzgerald has ordered a copy of each of these titles and we are looking for ways to help interested teachers get digital versions for their teacher iPad and/or student iPads. Add your name to the google doc on this site to participate.
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Global Math Task Twitter Challenge

You can go on Twitter and search for #gmttc + your grade level find a math challenge for your students! If you are not on Twitter or haven’t signed in for a while Annmarie would be happy to look for some math problems for your class.
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Tweet Tweet!

Karrin Burns uses Storify to aggregate all of our #D90Learns tweets into a neat bundle. If you aren't a daily tweeter or reader, you can catch up once a week, mailed on Sunday, to hear what people are sharing. Email her if you'd like to be included in that listserv!

What is Augmented Reality?

Check out this IKEA video to see AR in action. Schedule a time with Annmarie if you would like to discuss ideas about how you can use this in your classroom!

  • Displaying virtual student work in hall
  • Interactive word walls
  • Center Activities
  • Family History Projects
  • Book Reviews
  • Interactive posters
  • Explaining the first problem of homework
  • Previewing difficult words before reading book
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Peace of Mind

Please consider purchasing a portable hard drive and back up your laptop at least once a week.
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Be Gentle

One way to prevent hard drive crashes is to be extra gentle when handling your computer. If the edges of your laptop are dented, that is a sign that you may be sliding it into your book bag with lots of other stuff and then tossing it in the backseat. Mindful quote from Brady: “A hard drive contains a number of small and remarkably delicate pieces that will only take so much abuse.”

Be a Connected Educator

October is Connected Educator Month! Find out how being a connected educator can lower your stress level and impact student learning. Click here to get the fun starter kit. You might also consider joining the Connected Educators Book Club.
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Google Conference

Two-day conference focuses on deploying, integrating, and using Google Apps for Education (and other Google tools) to promote student learning in K-12. Ideal for a teacher or two who would love to come back and share what they've learned!
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Online Safety

Starting to do online research? Take the time to show this BrainPop movie about Online Safety to your students about making smart choices online.

QR Code Kids

For Open House Roxanne's class made recordings for parents to hear after scanning a QR Code with their picture on it. If you would like to do something similar for Parent/Teacher Conferences, Annmarie would be happy to help you! If you would like more information about QR codes, check out this awesome Prezi from our Dominican instructor, Nicole Zumpano.
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