Lights... Camera... Action!!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to act?

Join to learn how to express your emotions with great skill!

If you ever wanted to audition for a movie or tv show but don't know how, or don't think you have the talent, I will teach you how to act with great skill, and everything you need to succeed!

We meet every Saturday at Timber Creek High School

From ages 6-16 we teach all! No matter what you want to know we can help you out. We want to make your dreams come true! Just $40 you can learn how to audition like a star!

Our fantastic instructors!

Frequently asked questions!

How long have the instructors been acting? We are all very experienced at least 6 years of auditions and shooting. What will we do to help stage fright? We will practice with them individually working up to in front of others and then in front of an audience.