Olivia Smith

Fraud- Intentional deception for gain

Phishing And Smishing

Phishing is when someone sends fakes email saying that they are from a bank or another place and try to get your information.

Smishing is when someone texts you asking for you information for your bank or other places.

Retail/Auction Fraud

Reatail or auction fraud is when you buy something and you get something else or nothing at all, after giving away your information to that website. An example is buying a laptop, and getting a brick in a box.

Work At Home

Work at home is when you get a message for a fake home job asking you for your information to start the job. They might give you a kit and give you instructions on how to rip other people off without you knowing.

Avoiding Fraud

-Dont reply to emails with personal information. Your bank already has your information.

-Do your research: Research institutions and look at customer ratings

-If it looks to good to be true...then it probably is.