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Writing: My Favorite Subject

Funny how writing over the years seems to have changed drastically. Handwritten letters are replaced by Twitter, text messaging, and many humorous abbreviations and words. Do you know there is even an Urban dictionary defining slang terms? WOW, Webster would roll over in his grave.

The idea of penning letters, papers, or abstracts is foreign to generation Y. Students of this generation only comprehend smart devices. They don't know any other form of communication. Now the discussion is limited to a few characters on Twitter. Man, I am getting old.

Not long ago I located a box of handwritten letters my father wrote my mother while serving in the Army. The letters were written in a way that embodied true feeling and emotion. Further, each letter took a great deal of time and thought. After all, he could not backspace or push delete, it was handwritten. He contemplated every word he wrote and how it would influence my mother. Remember, he could not text or Facetime. He was thoughtful in his writing.

I too enjoy writing and have written my wife letters (most were typed) or wrote a little something in a card. Unfortunately, the only time I have to write now is composing Fantastic Fridays. I look forward to writing them each week, and I hope you enjoy reading them. Either way, it is joyful to write. To describe the positive things taking place in KCISD. To brag on our teachers, children, staff, and community and use expressions to affirm and build up. There is something extraordinary when you read statements confirming you or the ones you love. Growing up I enjoyed reading the sports section each Saturday to see what the reporters wrote about our games and competitions.

As we know, there are several varieties of writing: persuasive, expository, narrative, descriptive, poetry, drama, non-fiction, fiction, and others. My personal favorites are dramas because this genre allows the author's imaginations to run wild. It is impressive how writers can comprise four or five storylines in one book, tie them all together, and have the reader wanting one more page. Knowing these events could never happen in real life.

Not only are dramas fascinating to me, but so is our young one's letters. They write the best stories! Topics on dogs, cats, moms, dads, and other concepts swirling around in their minds. Writing is a joy to our young students - imagination and creativity is rapid. As students move into junior high and high school, writing becomes more technical and persuasive. But, what gratifies me is our English teachers allowing students to journal, supporting their student's creativity.

Abraham Lincoln was a stellar writer. Often he would pen thoughts on paper, seal them, and put them in his desk drawer. Why did he do this? He knew generations before social media was invented one should be mindful what is written because statements can be affirming or damaging. This is the basis of teaching our children to be thoughtful about what they distribute on social media - what is said can never be taken away. Nonetheless, Lincoln would write his thoughts, put the letter away, and then only speak to the subordinate he was writing. Many letters were found in his desk upon his assassination where he admonished someone on paper, but it was never delivered; he knew the power of the pen.

Whatever type of writing you enjoy, take a few moments daily and let your mind go, record how you feel, how your day went, or just a thought that came to your mind - just write. Let me conclude today with written facts: KCISD is a beautiful place to work, great place to raise a family, and as always, thank you for saying "yes" and remember what is important in life.

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