April Newsletter

Mrs. Peters Class: Third Grade


WCO: Create meaning strategically in reading

We are excited to start our Book Clubs within the classroom. We will be discussing norms for being in a book club and the importance of coming to the group prepared with the day’s assignment. Each day, we will do a class mini-lesson on creating meaning strategically in reading. Students will then apply that learning to their book club reading. I cannot wait to see the amazing thinking and connecting going on in our classroom as our readers continue to grow!


WCO: Create a process to solve a problem

This month, we will begin Chapter 14: Geometry. The essential question is: “How can geometric shapes help me solve real world problems?” Keep on studying those multiplication facts! We test every Wednesday!


WCO: Create meaning strategically in writing

Demonstrate the process of inquiry

We are starting animal reports! Watch for a letter to be emailed regarding the specifics of this assignment. Students will be choosing an animal and researching information about it. We cannot wait to become experts! As always, thank you for writing your child back each week on their Friday letter!



  • Evaluate the interaction within and between two systems

The chicks are coming! The chicks are coming! The eggs are coming on April 18th and will take approximately 21 days to hatch. Each day, we will be discussing the changes happening to the little chick inside the egg. Once the eggs hatch, we will be raising them for about a week, when they will move to Health so the whole school can see them! I’m sure you will be very informed about what is going on, as third graders are highly engaged in this activity. Please feel free to stop into our classroom and see the chicks!

Important Dates This Month

  • April 1: Field Trip to the Mizel Center to see "Art Dog"
  • April 2: Father/Daughter Dance

  • April 6: Bring research needed for animal report. Do nothing with this research at home. All research will be completed at school.
  • April 15: Assessment Day
  • April 22: No School!
  • April 29: Silent Auction