21 means 21. No means no.

A history and ways of/to limiting alcohol consumption.

History and my opinion

The temperance movement was widespread in trying to reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption.
Benjamin Rush inspired many temperance societies, as those of Lyman Beecher and Dr. Billy J. Clark in New England. They vowed to not use alcohol unless ordered to by doctors.

How I want to accomplish this goal of limiting or prohibiting the use of alcohol is by holding assemblies of how bad alcohol truly is. Spread the word of these assemblies and the general awareness of how bad alcohol is. My milestone in this movement would be to see the consumption of alcohol go down drastically and statistically.

The outcome and why you should help out.

It was initially successful as consumption statistically went down. I really liked that but I want a lofty goal: PROHIBITION. I want to go to new heights in now, prohibiting alcohol drinking. I want people to contribute to this because they need to understand the health consequences of consuming a lot of alcohol, how to responsibly consume alcohol, and to not being sucked in to this dark society of depression and despair. To boost people's morale's and to unite people.

If you do donate money to this, money to this will go to Alcoholics Anonymous to help you and people like you to become sober.

There is opportunities to spread the word about us.

We hold annual gatherings in city halls all across the country in support of temperance. As well as hold some flash mob type deals to promote and inspire.

We will hold and incentives when donating. When you donate, you receive a some Beats by Dre when you donate $200. Donating $100 gets you a $25 Visa gift card, and donating under $100 and you receive coupons to a store of your choice.

To become a part of this:

Once you sign up for this, no more turn up or drinking of any kind unless for religious or medical reasons. This is for the good of everybody. #NomeansNo