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February 12, 2020

Grade Send

The IPR (Interim Progress Report) cuts-off Tuesday, Feb. 18th.

Grades are due loaded by 11:59 PM on Wed, Feb. 19th. Yes, this is a very fast turn-around!

  • eSchool (gradebook, HAC, etc.) will be down for a scheduled upgrade Fri, Feb. 14th @ 6PM thru Mon, Feb. 17th @ 8AM
  • You can start loading IPR scores tomorrow, Thu, Feb. 13th.
  • Fri, Feb. 14th is a Staff Development Day (eSchool will be down after 6 PM)
  • Mon, Feb. 17th is a School Holiday (eSchool should be back up by 8 AM)

According to the FISD Grade Weights and Minimums, at this time you must have:

  • At least 4 Minor grades
  • At least 1 Major grade
  • NOTE: All graded assignments must be fully published (solid green circle) .

Additional info:

  • Grade load directions.
  • Once all scores are entered, you can start loading averages today.
  • Grades due through Tue, Feb. 18th will be included in the average.
  • Grades due Wed, Feb. 19th will NOT be included in the IPR average. Keep this in mind if loading on Wednesday.
  • Contact me if students are missing/extra on the IPR screen.
  • This IPR is for regaining UIL eligibility. UIL Eligibility Calendar and Explanations

State of the Chromebooks

#1 from Southwestern is STILL missing. Please check your rooms, your bags, and at home if you have EVER borrowed a Chromebook from a cart to use separately from a class. Since it is #1, it is probably someone that grabbed it for temporary use and it never got returned.

Out for Repair-

#2 from Austin College

#1 from Sam Houston

Just FYI- If you are planning on using PC laptops in the library, know that we are missing 20 of them due to bulging batteries. So there are only about 10 available at this time.

Eschool Scheduled Maintenence

All eSchool Applications will be down due to a scheduled upgrade from 6 p.m. Friday, Feb. 14 to 8 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 16.

It will impact the teacher grade book, HAC, eSchool Admin and online VOE requests. Once the update goes through, there will be few noticeable changes, but it creates an avenue for potential solutions with the “under the hood” improvements.

Due to eligibility, secondary IPR cutoff is Tuesday, Feb. 18, instead of Friday, Feb. 14 for this IPR period.

Free Canva Accounts for Teachers

Do you use Canva to make graphics? You are in luck! They now offer free accounts for teachers. You just need to apply by clicking on this link! https://support.canva.com/account-basics/canva-for-education/apply-canva-for-education/

Clarity BrightBytes for Teachers

On Friday we will be taking the Bright Bytes Survey for teachers during our faculty meeting. If you would like to get ahead, you are welcome to take it now: http://www.BByt.es/CC4PT