Below is the projected timeline when Spanish CDs will be available to check out for OCCTs:

April 14: 3rd – 8th Grade Math (not 6th Grade), 5th Grade Science

April 19: 6th Grade Math, Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II

April 22: Biology, US History EOI, 7th Grade World Geography

At this time, we do not have the time to translate 5th Grade US History or 8th Grade US History.

ACCESS CODES for online testing

There have been a few issues with the access codes for the sample questions this morning for online testing. If your students can not access the sample questions prior to the test, please try to have them try again after testing. In order to attain a raw score, students must complete the sample questions...also, the SDE isn't sure if they will get a score if they don't complete it.

Reading test accommodations

Just a reminder, no student in Tulsa qualifies for a read aloud on any reading test. Please do not assign this accommodation on the Measured Progress testing portal for any of your students. Thank you!

Need proctors?

If you need test proctors, please email Charles- we have a list of some ESC folks who have completed the online training. Thank you!