War of 1812

Who is to blame?

How it all started

It all started when France declared war on Britain. Fights became more and more frequent. Soon, America got involved. The American navy was the smallest in the world at the time. When Britain captured 400 ships, it seemed all hope was lost.

Trade Down Due To The Embargo Act

Instead of declaring war, the president Thomas Jefferson asked congress to stop all foreign trade. Congress later passed this law which forbid American ships to sail to foreign ports. This affected America, Britain and France. Everyone got less goods and farmers got less money. So...who really wins?

The British Are Coming...To Steal Our Ships!

The war rages on and America is growing more and more angry. Te British captures over 400 American ships. With this loss on America, Britain has the upper hand. However, I wouldn't get to close Britain!

Lake Erie

One September 1813, British forces on the lade attacked a fleet of American ships. For 2 hours the British and Americans exchanged cannon fires. The commander Oliver Hazard Perry eventually lead to a different ship eventually forcing British to surrender. Chalk up one point for America.

So Who Is To Blame?

Everyone is to blame. No side is right and this war is affecting everyone. Everyone has different opinions about who is to blame so no one is right or wrong. One thing is for sure though, it is everyone's fault.