Power of "WE"

March 28-April 1, 2016

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Round One Colts,

Our first round of testing is here Cochran! Motivate your students. Let them know that you believe in them and that your expectation is that they do their best! Celebrate them on Thursday for their hard work and focus. K-2 teachers encourage your students to support the testers. Have them write letters or notes of encouragement. Let 3-5 students and teachers know that they are not alone. Cochran is all in this together.

Let's dress professionally on Tuesday and Wednesday. We want to make sure students understand that this serious business and should be treated as such. Feel free to wear jeans tomorrow Monday and Thursday to celebrate two wonderful days of testing.



Please remember our school-wide Guidelines for Success

P- Positive Attitude R- Responsible I- Integrity D- Dedicated E- Excellence

What are our intended OUTCOMES

o A safer campus environment

o A more positive or invitational climate

o Increased staff consistency regarding behavioral expectations

o A systematic approach for gathering and collecting data

o Effective use of data to drive the decision-making process

o A significant decrease in office referrals

o Demonstration classrooms that reflect best practices to engage all scholars

o Increased strategies, tools, skills, and processes for handling individual students with severe and chronic misbehaviors or complex needs

o An increase in attendance

o An improved academic performance


Might Want to know!

TEA Commissioner Mike Morath requested feedback about the concept of using Lesson Study to provide teacher professional development. Lesson study is a form of long-term professional development in which teams of teachers collaboratively plan, research, and study their lesson instruction as a way to determine how students learn best. https://youtu.be/rr15SLGaSZI


This Week at Cochran

Monday: 4th and 5th get ready for STAAR, Walk of Fame

Tuesday: STAAR, No Staff meeting

Wednesday: STAAR, No tutoring

Thursday: No tutoring

Friday: Texas Legends

Saturday: Saturday School

Expectations at Cochran

  • 3rd-5th grade cover classrooms
  • Hallways covered
  • All teacher eat with students
  • No recess on Tuesday or Wednesday
  • No cell phone use
  • Always professional and respectful
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