Digital Citizenship Project

Nolan F, P.4

What is Digital Citizenship?

A few ways to show digital citizenship

1. treat others with respect: A digital etiquette is being nice online and on games and treat other people with respect even if they are in a game so treat others with respect as if you were in real life.

2. information privacy: don't post personal information on the internet.

3. don't post anything that is embarrassing or not really you.

4.Do not share any of your personal information to anybody on the internet.

5. don't post anything mean that will hurt your feelings or make other people upset.

6. do no copy other peoples work or copy and paste you can always paraphrase the

same text.

7. Don't copy other peoples work unless you have permission to or not

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizen ship is being kind on the internet and not copying other peoples work. Do not be a bully online cause even if it is just online it can still hurt somebody's feelings also do not share any of your personal information like were you live,your name, and even your phone number. another example of digital citizenship is being kind on the internet so treat others as if you were in real life.

Why you should use digital citizenship is because you should always keep your information private and treat others with respect. Do not Bully other people on the internet not just for other peoples sake but for yours too you can be banned for games and even websites. You should never share your personal information on the internet because there could be people who say they are somebody when they really are not.