May 4: Poverty and Unemployment

Follow the directions below to meet your Learning Target!

Today's Learning Target: write this and place it in your binder under "warm ups".

You can Understand Key Economic measurements by interpreting economic data, including unemployment rate, and can recognize key economic indicators. (Today's Economic indicator will be Unemployment)

You will be using pp. 585-595 in your textbook today as a reference.

Section 1: Problems....

From your reading at the end of Monday's SMORE, think about Poverty and unemployment. They are indeed major problems, why? Tell me in the First Question in our Google Classroom.

Section 2: Basic Strategies to Combat Poverty and Unemployment

Go to your Google Classroom and you will find the link to the 3 Basic Strategies to Combat Poverty and Unemployment. Do the assignment then come back to the SMORE for the next section.

Section 4: Go to the Google Form and do the section 4 discussion.

Section 5

Read the Problems in Economics Feature Private Initiaties to Fight poverty, pp 594-595. Go to the Google Form and answer the Section 5 Questions.

Section 6

Go to Google Classroom and do the matching section by clicking on the Google Document "Chapter 38 Matching" Use your book on page 596 under Matching do the assignment. You will type in the full answer, not just a letter or a number. In other words, you will type the full definition listed in the book and the full vocabulary word. :)