Mesozoic Era

By Alex Blackburn

The Age of Reptiles

The Mesozoic Era are often called the age of reptiles because it is the period of time where dinosaurs and marine reptiles roamed the Earth.


Dinosaurs where what lived on the land. They where mostly big but there a few small species of dinosaurs. Some where about the size of a chicken. There where dinosaurs that where herbervours,carnavours, and some ate fish.


Marine Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs in the Water

These where dinosaurs that lived in the water in this era. There where some who mostly ate fish and sharks. There where also some herbivores.

How did they die out?

There many theories about how dinosaurs died out. One is to much stress from there environment caused their death. Another is that they all got mental disorders. Their also is metabolic disorder, or cataract blindness.

Plants of the Mesozoic Era

During this era the plants where evolving rapidly. They mainly did not have flowers on them. The most common plant back then was the ginkgos plant. One species of ginkgos still exist in present time.