Classroom Happenings

Room 223

Our goal in Room 223 is to improve our reading skills. We work hard at using and practicing reading strategies in order to become better readers!

We follow the Scholastic Read 180 program, which is aimed at helping students become better readers with intensive instruction. The Read 180 program has five components that are followed on a daily basis: whole group instruction, guided reading/small group instruction, computer-based learning, independent reading, and closing.

In the independent reading zone, students read books they have chosen based on their lexile level. At the end of independent reading, students record what they have read and what strategies they used while reading.

In the computer zone, students work independently in the READ 180 program. They work on comprehension, spelling and word skills. Once students have demonstrated mastery of the content, they move on to the next story. This motivating program is often the students' favorite classroom zone!

Instruction in the workshop zone is guided by individual progress reports generated by the computer program. Students are grouped according to the needs identified by their work on the computer. These groups are flexible and change as the needs of individual students change. In this zone, students work with me focusing on and using reading skills and strategies they are taught.