Week 1: Apr 10-April 16

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Welcome to week 1 of the EcoChallenge!

Hello EcoChallengers! This year's theme is "Belongings and Belonging." For 3 weeks you will be challenged to reflect on your consumption and its connection to our communities, locally and globally. Our main focus will be on food & water consumption. All challenges are optional, but the more you do, the more points you earn, and the more chances you have to win one of our fabulous weekly prizes!

This first week is all about determining your baseline consumption habits: track your spending, food consumption, and water use habits during the week so that you can monitor how your consumption might change over the next few weeks.

Fill out your scorecard at the end of this first week (by 11:59PM Monday, April 17). All team participants fill out their own individual scorecard. A link to the scorecard can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.

If you have any questions, remember to check out the EcoChallenge website or email us at cejsintern@gmail.com.


1. CHALLENGE #1: Download the Budget and Consumption Tracker and create your consumption baseline (15 points).

Wondering how much you actually spend on goods each week? We encourage you to record your purchases for one week, track how much you spend and how you allocate your funds. The results might be surprising!

(Hold on to your "Budget and Consumption Tracker." You'll be using it again in the next weeks to earn more points and... help your wallet!)

  • Click here to download your "Budget and Consumption Tracker" Excel sheet.
  • Save the Excel file to your own computer: go to File -> Download as
  • As the week progresses, populate the first week's column titled "ECOCHALLENGE Week 1: Baseline" with your totals for spending in each area.
2. CHALLENGE #2: Track your weekly FOOD&WATER habits. (4 points possible per question)

As you go to the store, do you actively consider the impact of the choices you make as a consumer? How do you typically consume food and use water each week?

Use the same Budget and Consumption Tracker that you downloaded in Challenge 1 and track your answers to the questions below in the first week's column. Then enter your answers into your scorecard at the end of the week!


  • I enjoyed (___) vegetarian/vegan meal(s) this week. Learn more.
  • I enjoyed (___) meal(s) cooked with mostly or all organic ingredients this week. Learn more.
  • I enjoyed (___) meal(s) this week free of processed foods. Learn more.
  • I ate (___) meals from restaurants, food trucks, or fast food places (includes take-out; does not include on-campus dining). Learn more.
  • I purchased produce and meat from a local farmers market, food co-op, or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). (Y/N) Learn more.
  • I used only reusable dishware, instead of to-go plates, cups, and silverware. (Y/N/mostly) Learn more.
  • I always filled my plate with only what I could eat. (Y/N/mostly) Learn more.
  • I purchased food in bulk and avoided food packaging when possible. (Y/N/mostly) Learn more.

WATER (learn more about water use and waste here, here, and... here!)

  • I took (___) minute-long showers, on average, this week.
  • I let it mellow when it is yellow (don't understand this? look it up! :-). (Y/N)
  • I turned the water off while I brushed my teeth. (Y/N/mostly)
  • I turned the water off while I did the dishes. (Y/N/mostly)
  • I used a reusable water bottle this week. (Y/N/mostly)
  • I only washed full loads of laundry. (Y/N)
  • I composted everything that I could. (Y/N/mostly) Learn more.
  • I reused water whenever possible. (Y/N/mostly) Learn more.


Complete your scorecard by 11:59PM Monday, April 17.

(PLEASE NOTE: Scorecards are not saveable so be ready to complete your scorecard in its entirety.)