An Alien Known As Stargirl

Found poetry From Stargirl By Jerry Spinelli

An Alien Known as Stargirl By: Ateefa Haroon

She spoke about stars in class (15)

She lived in a ghost town in the desert (14)

She lived in a bus (14)

Her parents were witches (14)

We wondered how she knew our names (15)

We wondered how she knew our birthdays (15)

She left notes in everyones mailbox (16)

She knew she was being followed (17)

Or more, that she was leading me (17)

We had no one to compare her to (26)

We had no one to measure her against (26)

She was Different. Different. (26)

She was unknown territory. Unsafe.(35)

We were afraid to get too close (47)

Analysis And Explanation

Analysis And Explanation

One of the central ideas in the Jerry Spinelli mystery "Stargirl" a narrative that talks about a girl who is different and looks like she is from a different world. Students in her school say she is an alien because of the way she acts and does things her own way. The above poem presents the central ideas created by the words- "unknown/unsafe/afraid/" shows a stargirl known as an alien. The last two lines, "She was unknown territory. Unsafe and we were afriad to get too close" explains that people in her school were afriad of her because she was not safe. Also, she was unknown because she didn't talk to anyone but everyone wondered how she knew their names, birthdays, and their house addresses. She then became a famous cheer leader in her whole entire school and the students were shocked to hear that. She was a friendly girl who carried a rat with her, yet mysterious to everyone.