The Martian

Zack West

Alt Nation

During the book Mark Watney, the main character, is stranded on mars after his crew had to leave him behind in a storm. luckily mark was a botanist and had all the knowledge he needed to sustain life on mars. he began to plant potatoes in a vacuum sealed vault he built out of the scraps and scarce materials left behind. With great success the potatoes were keeping him alive. The entrance to the vault was an air locked chamber and this made sure the oxygen and air pressure were perfectly normal inside. One day this chamber blew up and destroyed most of his vault along with freezing his plants. he was going to have to start over again. In order for this not to happen, he should have dug a hole underground to make the entrance in because if it blew up the damage would be highly decreased and he most likely would still have his plants.
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Down in the dumps

If I had to choose one person to take away from this story it would be the captain, Melissa Lewis. she was the one who made the decision to leave mark on mars instead of keep looking for him. If she wasn't in this story mark wouldn't have been strapped on mars in the first place.

Best Seller/ Discount shelf

The reason I was interested in this book was because I have always had a fascination with space and space travel. this book met my expectations on every level and I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a good read. thorough the story the author uses almost sarcastic humor and the main character is constantly making jokes, which is odd because he is stranded on mars with very limited food and supplies. All and all I enjoyed this book tremendously.
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