Locket Ladies April News

mother's day is coming! MAY 11th, 2014!!!

Get ready for your best month ever!

Who is ready to break their records??? Well, with the new spring items and Mother's Day supplement it is time to kick your business into high gear! Start promoting Mother's Day, Graduations, Showers, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and more. Talk it up with your hostesses to get excited about a big jewelry bar. Share with customers and everyone you meet. Wear something the is "generic" enough that they can fall in love with what you are showing and can see that they could personalize it in a few easy steps!

As always, carry cards and catalogs and supplements with you. Listen to what people may be looking for. Make suggestions to get them started and keep them from being overwhelmed and not starting at all! Put some ideas in their head and show them lockets and charms that fit their needs so they will be thinking about the specifics. Get their info as well to follow up and make notes about the items you suggested so you can bring them up when you CALL! And yes, calling is the name of the game. Even if you leave a voicemail- which you often will- it means more than a text or fb message. If they follow-up with text or fb, great, roll with it from there!

Build your team and MOVE ON UP with the New promotions announced this month!!!

Learn and Share the SOAR to Success program so you can share it with all of the wonderful people you meet that could benefit from Origami Owl in their life!

Perfect your team building strategy in order to earn some great rewards when you promote to Senior Team Leader or Executive Team Leader between April 1st and June 30th!!! The Moving on Up program helps you earn extra tech gear in addition to your amazing promotion and team override to really help your business continue to rock.

Check out the webinar from Monday March 24th with our very own Al Fournier sharing great tips on how to approach people with the opportunity!


JOIN THE GROWING TEAM ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TeamLocketLadies/

Get yourself added and be sure to add all your new designers so they can be in the loop as well! I will be starting to do my local team trainings on our facebook page for the rest of the team later in the month. Get plugged in for incentives, recognition, training and team building fun. We hope to see you on there soon.

Who is ROCKING their business????

Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire (Live at iTunes Festival 2012)
If you were at the spring launch you witness the dance party slow jam- not the best dance party music- but I still love this song and am just so impressed by you ladies who are absolutely killing your businesses!!!

Top 10 in PV (Personal Volume- wholesale $)

1. Lisa Shively Sparks!!! #9 in the entire Company!!! $8,976!!!
2. Kari Reyes
3. Pamela Susann Collins
4. Amy Eastes and Bailey Estes
5. Kerri Carter Lamb
6. Tri Vanvo
7. Tami Powell Urk
8. Emilee Henry and Angel Vergona
9. Sarah Diane Cruse Sheward
10. Jennifer Vo

Congrats ladies!!! Way to go!!!

You should be really proud!!!

You all earned an entry into the team incentive (if you had previously had 1,000 PV or above in Jan and or Feb!!)

Hoot Hoot!

Top 5 Leaders (my 1st line and their first line all-stars)

1. Kelly Floyd Brown $28,558 (assist by Marcy Yochum Boyd and team!!!)
2. Terri Lininger $21,667 (assist by Amie Cooper and team!!!)
3. Kerri Carter Lamb $18,954 (assist by Sara McPherson and team!!!)
4. Nancy Caron $14,823 (assist by Vicky Ackerman and team!!!)
5. Jackie Leugers Jones $14,614 (assist by Jennifer Collins Brumbaugh and Rachel Defante and their teams!!!)

These are awesome numbers!! Really impressive leadership here on many levels. Keep it up ladies!

Top Sponsors for March 2014

1. Jennifer Vo - 5 new designers!!!
2. Amie Cooper, Kerri Carter Lamb, Suzanne Pieczonka, Tami Powell Urk - 4 new designers EACH in March!!!
3. Abby Trumbull Boswell, Laura Smith, Tamara Cook and Terri Lininger - 3 new designers each!
4. Christie Dixon, Emily Zerbe Philpott, Irene Rodriguez Maschinot, Monica Bright, Shellie Doyle - 2 new designers.

A bunch of you had one new designer!! Way to grow team.

Overall we added 81 new designers to the team. WOW! Really impressive! O2 is growing- there is NO doubt! Get out there and share the love, some of those new designers could be on your team this month!!!

Locket Ladies Team Volume (CTV- wholesale $)

Locket Ladies CTV for March 2014: $176,904

We are rocking it! Going to break $200,000 this month and I have a goal for us that we will be a $1,000,000 team in ONE month, by the end of the year!!!

Hoot Hoot!!!


New Leading Designers

Emily Philpott
Mysti Meehan
Jennifer Flint
Rachel Jones
Tatiania Weaks
Terri Schuber
Rachel Crafts
Laura Smith
Amy & Bethany Richardson
Lisa Sparks
Tristina Posey
Linda Thomas
Victoria & Danielle Ackerman
Tri Vano
Wendy Bihn
Virginia Lopata

New Team Leaders

Kari Reyes
Tamara Cook
Amber LaMons
Sue Pieczonka
Jennifer Vo

New Seinor Team Leaders

Irene Maschinot
Brannon Weisman

Congrats Congrats Congrats!!!

Heather Zimmerman

Director with Origami Owl Living Lockets Custom Jewelry