Pompeii: Cooked to Perfection

Who doesn't like ash buried cities?

Location & Region

Absolute: 40.7506° N, 14.4897° E

Relative: In Naples, South of Rome, North of Sicily

Pompeii is located in Europe more specifically in central Italy and aside from the 6 meters of ash that fell on the city it was much like the surrounding area as far as structure.

Place & Movement

Pompeii has a mild and warm climate which still attracts tourists too this day despite the active volcano Mt. Vesuvius. Due to the amount of ash that fell during the explosion most of the city was buried leaving some of the area still ash stained today.

There is a 30 minute train ride from Naples but you can get there by boat and any other motorized vehicle that is street legal.

Human Environment Interaction

Due to the Rediscovery of Pompeii there is still excavation being done. The majority of the area is a tourist attraction and as a result many hotels and other residents have been built to accommodate the number of people going to visit.