To Wall or Not to Wall

Should the U.S have a wall around the border?

Which Dynasty constructed the Great Wall of China?

The Quin dynasty started the construction of the Great Wall of China but the Ming finished it.

How long did it take to be built?

It took about 20 years to complete the wall of China and built around 200 years ago.

How was the Great Wall of China built?

The Great Wall of China was built by manual labor of the citizens. It was made of bricks.

What was the main purpose of the Great Wall of China?

It was used to keep invading groups out of China, like nomads from the north, because they were fierce warriors.

If you were a leader in ancient China during this time period, would you have this wall constructed? Why or why not? If yes, could you have built the wall better? If so, how? If no, what would your solution be to keeping enemies from waging warfare on your civilization and crossing into your territory?

I would most certainly build a wall because it provides protection from invading groups, but I probably couldn't have built it better because there isn't much you can do to a wall. If I couldn't build a wall, I'd put up watch towers to warn the people to go to safety, and to allow archers to defend from the towers.

What impact did the Great Wall of China have on this civilization?

It provided defense for China and saved many lives, but it also cost many lives to build. Around 70% of China participated in the building of it, but about 1 million died in the process.

Many indviduals argue that America should secure their borders. In your opinion, should a wall or fence be built to keep terrorists and illegal immigrants from entering the U.S, why or why not?

We think we should make a fence around Mexico because 2 years ago 11.6 million Mexicans came into the U.S. illegally. We would only put it around Mexico because there were only 801,000 immigrants from Canada.

If so where and what type of fence should be built?

We would make a fence on the border of Mexico because it is a smaller border and most illegal immigrants come from Mexico. We would make a wired fence with barbed wire at the top. The fence would be 1,954 miles long and cost $308,653.84 to make.

If a wall or fence was constructed in the U.S., do you think that the outcome would be similair to the outcome of the Great Wall of China?

I don't think it will have the same affect because about 1 million Chinese people died in the process of making it, and the citizens had to build it. But it will keep a lot of Mexicans from illegally migrating to America. A fence would probably not keep out terrorists because they could just cut the fence with wire cutters.

How much money would it cost taxpayers to construct a fence?

Because the fence is 1,954 miles long, it will cost $308,653.84, but with some extra improvements cameras, it would all cost about $408,653.84.

How would a fence or lack of one affect your generation as well as your future generations?

If you built a fence, our generation and future generations, would have more jobs available to them, and insurance would probably be cheaper. College could cost less, so you could pursue your dreams and have a fun job. You could be more successful in your life. If we didn't have a fence, all we stated would be opposite.

Would the lack of a physical feature such as a wall or fence impact on your generation as well as future generations? Why or why not?

Yes, our economy would fall or start to because the illegal immigrants don't come to America with a lot of money if they even come with some. They take jobs other people could need more than them. Mexicans also bring drugs into the U.S. to sell and make a living. This is why we need to have a wall or fence to put up.