Journal Entry 4

The Great Gatsby

chapter 4, pages 61-80

chapter summary

Nick explains the many visitors that find themselves at Gatsby's parties, usually the most wealthy and well known. Gatsby and Nick seem to spend more time together, going out to lunch and which he learns a little about Gatsby; him going to Oxford, getting his riches from his deceased parents, serving in war, falling in love with Daisy. Another character, a friend of Gatsby's, Meyer Wolfshiem. Which is said to have fixed the 1919 world series. Nick also meets up with Jordan to learn about the talk her and Gatsby had, learning that Gatsby has had a past with Daisy wants more than anything to see her, but is afraid to ask Nick himself about setting up a time for her to show up at Nick's house.
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Jay Gatsby

his qualities

  • mysterious: not very many people know much about him
  • lives in West Egg, located beside Nick
  • throws huge parties every weekend, in which people attend
  • is in love with Daisy
  • served in war; earned medals
  • went to Oxford
  • says he inherited the money through his now dead parents
  • well liked because of the mysteriousness
  • gentlemen-like; always calls everybody "old sport"
  • becomes friends with Nick
  • dedicated man
  • does anything to get what he wants

character summary

Everybody wants to know the truth, the truth about the mysterious Jay Gatsby, not many know much about it him, but when he meets Nick, he shares his life with him. When he informs Nick about his life to get to where he is, Nick is questionable about believing him, but Gatsby seems to use proof that he did in fact attend Oxford, inherit the money from his now dead parents, served in the war with Nick, etc. Gatsby seems to get close to Nick, which we later figure out because he has figured out that Nick is close to Daisy, his true love, and Gatsby wants to see her. It is learned that Gatsby is willing to do whatever it takes, which is Daisy.


"so I thought you ought to know something about me. I didn't want you to think I was just some nobody. You see, I usually find myself among strangers because I drift here and there, trying to forget the sad thing that happened to me" (67).

  • Gatsby is talking to Nick during lunch about himself, trying to find the right words to tell him to have Nick get the right impression towards him. Telling him, previously about his background, and then having, later, Jordan explain what he truly wants. When he was younger, before he went off to war, he was with Daisy and fell in love, then he left and which Daisy went and married Tom and ever since, Gatsby has been doing several things to try and get her attention and holding high hopes to getting her back or to at least show up at one of his parties.