Digital Feedback for Progression

Abingdon and Witney College and Newham College

An Education and Training Foundation funded OTLA Digital project

Project? What Project?

The project title decided for Abingdon and Witney College and Newham College is 'Increasing the Progression Rate of Level 2 Learners through Digital Feedback.'

Who's Who?

What's the Problem?

Teachers always report they have insufficient time. This project aims to re-allocate teacher time on value-added activities by focussing on the exploration and testing of digital marking and feedback systems and processes. This project will evaluate if, and to what extent, providing students with digitally based feedback can accelerate student achievement and reduce the total amount of marking time for a teacher over a trial period; thus focussing teacher time on value added activities and accelerating student progress.

How we intend going about it!

Stage 1 Research and set-up

  • Explore different technologies that exist within the public domain and select for trial.
  • Each partner will trial at least one common technology (for comparison purposes) and at least one different technology to broaden the scope of the research.
  • Train staff to use the digital platforms.
  • Establish an online sharing platform and collaborative working area.

Stage 2 Prepare

  • Identification of two trial groups per vocational area - one of which will receive digital based feedback and the other will continue to use current feedback approaches.
  • Student starting points will be identified to establish a base line.
  • Round 1 trial commences.

Stage 3 Interim review

  • Collect feedback and reflections.
  • Evaluate the digital applications tested after round one and make modifications where necessary.
  • Compare student progress and evaluate the impact of the digital based feedback in relation to accelerating student progress and achievement.
  • Have time savings been made?

Stage 4 Trial completion

  • Round two.
  • Establish impact on teaching time to mark and provide feedback using the digital applications.
  • Measure student progress.
  • Interview students

Stage 5 Reflect and share

  • Share within colleges.
  • Share as part of CPD training for staff.
  • Share at College Development Days.
  • Share at relevant breakout training sessions with AoC and ETF events.
  • Share online via SWAY or You Tube.

Hopes for the project

To decrease the amount of time a teacher spends providing feedback to learners and to increase the quality of the feedback to accelerate student progress through the use of digital applications.

To enable Level 2 learners to progress onto Level 3 courses, following their chosen career path.

Digital applications selected for trial: