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What does it matter?

“We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why.”
― Stephen King

The irony of an author traditionally know for his ability to scare us to death aside, Mr. King makes a great point. How often do we go through our day without realizing our powerful influence as educators. The compliment we give a student, the affirmation we give them about a correct answer, the simplicity of asking them how they are doing...all of these seemingly small things really add up, and make us the most powerful person in our students' lives! High school kids are not know for willingly seeking these things out; however, they need them. Is that to say that we always hold hands and skip, of course not, students need corrected, they need to be called out when not meeting expectations. All of these things go under the massive scope of our influence. I know first hand that our educators are the best at being a positive influence in our students' lives, and for that, I thank you!

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday (1/14)- Alpin Hong Assembly courtesy of the PFAC This assembly will be at 2:20 in the auditorium. You may take your 7th period class if you choose to do so; however, there will not be a separate assembly schedule
  • Friday (1/22)-Semester End-Here is our finals week schedule-thanks to our school-wide management team for creating this

Bock's Flock

Mrs. Wilkinson's PE class recently progressed through a week-long dance unit where they learned a group routine. From the beginning the choreography had some rough patches; however, the final product was very surprising. As the week progressed, some of our students went from disinterested to busting out moves they didn't know they had. Others, who were in from the beginning, really flourished in the final number. Regardless of the starting place. All of the students participated and learned more about a skill some thought they had, some knew they had, and others never wanted. Ask Mrs. Wilkinson to see the video clips of our students cutting the rug!
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