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By now I am sure everyone has heard the so called fuel cell car kits. That promise you to be able to run your car on nothing but water. Although this technology does allow you to power your car with water. It is not possible to power your car on nothing but water. Well this is not entirely possible quite yet. What a hydrogen fuel cell car kit does is allow you to be able to run your car on a hydrogen/fossil fuel mix. With the push to go green it is now available to the public to be able to produce this hydrogen hybrid vehicle. How it works is a hydrogen fuel cell car kit uses electrolysis to break down the components of water. As we all know from grade school those components consist of both hydrogen and oxygen. Even as hard as this may sound we have all done this as well back in grade school. So don't worry I promise it is an easy process.

Even though there are many hydrogen gas stations currently being built. You simple can not go up to one in your area and start pumping hydrogen in with your gas. That would be calling for major engine damage being done to your car. There is a simple modification process that needs to be done. Which does not require any technical knowledge. Since this technology was released to the public there have been many enthusiast building these hydrogen fuel cell car kits. Many of which can be found right here on the Internet like the gas4free kit, simple water fuel kit, and the run auto with water kit. Each of these kits has there own strong points and weak points. By purchasing any one of these kits you will be able to use hydrogen as an added fuel source to help get better gas mileage, increase performance, lower emissions, and best of all get a nice big tax break of $2000 on this years taxes.

A large number of people have already placed a hydrogen fuel cell car kit on there current vehicles and are saving hundreds per week on gas with the current high gas prices. I have personally placed the gas4free fuel cell car kit on my 2007 Toyota Tacoma, and I am extremely satisfied. I am getting a fuel increase of about 63% and saving around $110 per week on gas. Results do very your increase could be more or less depending on the vehicle you will be placing one of these fuel cell car kits on. With my results I would highly recommend to every one to pick up there own fuel cell car kit. To start saving money on gas

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