Koala Bear

By:Michaela Moore-Biscan Period 3 10 May 2016

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Where do Koalas live ? Koalas live in Australia, but their habitat is Eucalyptus forests(San Diego Zoo Kids).Koalas are found between south-eastern, South Australia, and Queensland(NSW office of environment). That is where the koala bear lives.


How do koala bears move? But the koala bear climbs and crawl(Koala). With huge claws and strong muscles, koalas are able to hold on tightly to trees(NSW office of environment). The claws help a lot for holding on to the tree.
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Body Covering

Koala bears have large furry ears, a prominent black nose, long sharp claws adapted for climbing and no tail(Koala). Fur color varies from pale grey or grey-brown(NSW office of environment). But their fur is wool like so it is a little itchy to our skin(The Encyclopedia on Mammals). That covers the body covering.
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Koalas diet are minimum they mostly only eat leaves, only eucalyptus leaves (Koala). The Koala evens eat a little bit of dirt to help digest food(San Diego Zoo). The koala bear also doesn't drink that much water because they eat a lot of leaves that provide water(San Diego Zoo). The koala bear is a lot different from us and their only herbivores(Koala).

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Reproduction of a koala is sexually (NSW office of environment). The koala breast feeds a new born (The Encyclopedia on Mammals). When the newborn koala is born it's tiny, blind and hairless (NSW office of environment). When the young koala is about one year old, its mother is able to mate again (NSW office of environment). They can mate again because the baby koala bear is old enough to go off by it self leaving the mother being able to mate again (The Encyclopedia on Mammals).
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What are the adaptions to the koala? The koala has a large nose Koalas are heavily dependent on their sense of smell that helps smell if the leaves they eat are poisonous (Bio Web). Another important adaptation to the koala is the dense, wooly coat, the coat protects them from hot and cold conditions (Bio Web). Another important feature of the koala is their unique paws, the paws of the koala have strong padding, allowing for a better grip as the koala climbs (Bio Web).
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  • The koala bear is the Australia's animal (The Encyclopedia on Mammals)
  • Koalas benefit the Australian economy that they create over 9,000 jobs and contribute between $1.1 billion and $2.5 billion per year to tourism in Australia (NSW office of environment).

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