Outsourcing Bullying to the Web

Bullying comes in many forms

It can include:


Talking about hurting someone

Spreading rumors

Leaving someone out on purpose

Ways to avoid Cyber Bullying

As the wise censored words of Tyler the Creator say "How is cyber bullying real? Hahaha Just walk away from the screen, like just close your eyes"

A great way to not get cyber bullied is to block the person, or just step away from your computer or phone. They can't reach you if you don't let them, that's what is so great about this era. You can uninstall an app, delete your account, or report them to the website and their account could be suspended/deleted.

Another great way of dealing with cyber bullying is the ability to screen shot. With solid evidence you can involve the police, the school, or their parents for punishment. Although this might not be the best way to deal with cyber bullying, you can at least get sweet vengeance without stooping to their level.


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